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MVTHS Music Booster

The Granada Theatre is proud to be featured on this years MVTHS Music Booster discount card and to help raise the funding needed to send students of the MVTHS music program to Chicago!

In addition to many great discounts offered by various local businesses, The Granada Theatre is offering 50% off general admission tickets! Anyone who purchases a MVTHS Music Booster discount card will be entitled to 50% off on a general admission ticket to a show of their choosing in 2023. All you have to do is bring your discount card with you when you buy your ticket at the door.


NOTE: Discount cards are only valid for one ticket per cardholder.


EXCLUSIONS: This discount will ONLY be valid for events with general admission tickets sold at the door. This discount will NOT apply to events that are reserved seating only or events that have sold out. Other exclusions may apply.

Contact us via the chat button on our website or at the following email for any questions:

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